Instructions for withdrawing 78Win money from A – Z for new players in 2024

Members are having difficulties, worries and don”t know what to do 78win01 withdrawal make it easy. Don”t worry, immediately refer to our instructions on how to withdraw money below to make the transaction in the simplest and fastest way.

Things to keep in mind when withdrawing money from 78Win

To withdraw money successfully and simply, members must keep in mind the following notes:

  • The amount of money in the account must be at least equal to the initial deposit value and enough valid fee bets to make a withdrawal transaction.

  • In case of problems or questions related to withdrawal, please liên hệ customer service staff directly for timely support and resolution.

  • When transactions are made at midnight or when the bank is under maintenance, please wait patiently. Bookmaker 78Win will try to process your transaction as quickly as possible.

  • The account information receiving money and registering must match.

  • If you participate in the promotion, you need to fully meet the betting round and bet criteria required by the house before you can withdraw money.

Detailed instructions for new recruits on how to withdraw money from 78Win

Withdrawing money from your 78Win tài khoản to your personal tài khoản is simple and fast. Below are the detailed steps to make a withdrawal transaction at the bookmaker that members should know:

Step một: Access the link of bookmaker 78Win and log in to your previously registered thành viên account.

Step 2: Member selects tài khoản name and clicks on “Withdraw money”. Next, when the screen displays the message “Money transferred to main wallet”, click on the “Continue” box.

Step 3: Enter the amount the member wants to withdraw, make sure this number is valid.

Step 4: Select the bank and fill in the ngân hàng information you want to withdraw, including the account holder”s name. Then, enter the withdrawal code.

Step 5: Check all the information you have filled in and click on the “Confirm” box. Then, enter the withdrawal code and wait patiently for 5 to 10 minutes for the system to process and transfer money to your account.

Note: For banks undergoing maintenance, transaction execution time will depend on the maintenance progress of that bank. Therefore, members should patiently wait a few minutes for the system to update.


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