What is a Corner Kick Bet Secret Tips for Winning Bets for Newbies

Corner kick bet With simple participation rules and high payout rates, it is gradually becoming popular with those who love soccer betting. This form of betting also appears in most prestigious tournaments, ensuring bettors will have great matches. In the following article, let's learn about the best way to read Kèo nhà cái corner kick bets!

What is corner kick betting in soccer?

Corner kick bets have simple rules and high payouts

Corners odds, also known as Corners, are one of the side bets when betting on soccer. However, it is still no worse than any other form of betting when it comes to simple gameplay, high payout rates and appearing in every major tournament.

When participating in corner bets, you do not need to worry about the match result but just focus on counting the number of corners taken by the two teams in the match. This will help bettors easily control the match situation and make the most informed betting decisions. In addition, special attention should also be paid to the first and last corner kick team.

Based on each tournament, match and participating team, the bookmaker will provide an appropriate odds table. Players can bet at many different times during the football match as long as they feel confident when placing money. In particular, you can also participate in multiple corner bets at the same time to maximize your winning rate.

The most popular corner kick bets in football

To serve gamblers' passion for betting anytime, anywhere, many forms of corner betting have been created. Your job is just to study each odds table to know which one has the highest winning rate and rest assured to place your money.

Attractive corner kick handicap bet

Attractive corner handicap betting is popular with many bettors

For this corner kick bet, the house will set a certain handicap based on the difference in strength between the two teams. Based on this handicap, you can analyze the capacity and performance of each team and predict which team will have the greater number of penalties in the half/match.

Interesting over/under corner kicks

Over/under bets are also quite popular in soccer betting, appearing in every tournament and possessing a large number of fans. When participating in Over/Under, players need to predict whether the number of corner balls will be larger (Over) or smaller (Under) than the number initially set by the system. You can play over/under bets on each 1st half, 2nd half or the whole match to suit your capital and ambition to win.

Even and odd corners


Simple odd-even corner kicks are suitable for new players

If you are a fan of corner kick odds, you cannot ignore the odd-even odds. This type of soccer betting is quite simple and relies mainly on luck, suitable for beginners. You just need to focus on predicting whether the number of free kicks in the match will be even or odd. If you guess correctly, you will win a prize amount many times greater than the original amount.

The first and last corner bets are easy to win

Just by hearing the name, bettors will surely be able to recognize the nature of this type of corner bet. Specifically, you need to analyze the match situation and predict which team will receive the first and last penalty. If you guess correctly, you will receive an immediate bonus; otherwise, if you guess incorrectly, you will have to lose the bet to the house. However, these types of bets will have a high winning rate of up to 50/50, so please rest assured to put down your money!

Betting on no unique corner kicks

OddsThere are no novel corners with high reward rates

In regular matches, there are rare cases where there are no corner kicks, so the winning rate is extremely high. Although the chance of winning is low, if you are lucky enough to win, you can win 10 times your original bet. However, because this type of corner kick bet is very difficult to win, only those who are experts or very knowledgeable about match information should bet!

Experience in successfully betting on football corners

Before deciding to put money down on any corner bet, you also need to clearly understand the rules of the game as well as betting tips from experts. Please follow us to learn more experience in corner kick betting from experienced players as follows:

When playing corner kicks, you must find out information about the team

Bettors need to clearly understand all information about the team when betting on corner kicks

All information related to the team such as player lineup, performance, competition tactics, and standings can affect the number of corner kicks taken. If the team has an attacking style and needs to score a lot of goals to win, the players will play with a determined spirit and are prone to making mistakes, so it is easy to give the opponent a chance to kick in the corner.

In addition, the soccer location will also greatly affect the number of free kicks in the match. If the team plays at home, they will maintain a comfortable spirit, have many advantages over the opponent and create many free kick opportunities. Based on this information, players can easily judge the exact corner kick rate and bet boldly.

Pay attention to the real time of the soccer match

The playing time will also directly affect the number of free kicks that players can make. Specifically, for teams with strong attacks and fierce fighting spirit, you should bet on this team for the first corner. As for the final corner bet, you should prioritize the team that has a tendency to come back and has a strong desire to score to win.

Learn to stay calm and manage your betting capital intelligently

You must know how to allocate capital appropriately to bet successfully

The most important thing when betting on corner kicks is that the bettor must know how to stay calm and not be hasty at any moment. Because this form of betting does not decide whether to win or lose based on the match result, it only cares about the number of free kicks taken by the two teams. Therefore, you need to calmly observe the playing situation of each team to predict the total number of kicks that may occur.

In addition, players also need to learn how to strictly control their finances and allocate capital appropriately for each bet. You should only deposit money when you have a firm grasp of the match information that can affect the total number of corner kicks in the match. In particular, to limit the risk of loss, you need to avoid putting all your capital into a single game because no one can guarantee that game has a 100% win rate.

Hopefully through the above article, rookies will have a clear understanding of corner kicks in football as well as the surest way to bet. This is a type of betting with a fairly high winning rate, capable of helping you change your life after just a few bets. However, to be sure of winning, bettors need to understand lich thi dau bong da the rules of the game as well as pocket valuable betting tips from experts.

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